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Is Your Water Filtered?

Public drinking water provided by the city is clean and ready for consumption, however, some impurities or minerals still exist in the water, which can leave your dishes, tubs, and faucets with water spots. Sometimes the taste of the water can even be affected by these characteristics. It is a matter of preference, but some home and business owners opt for more filtered water with a water softener, acid neutralizer, or whole-house filter. We offer all of these solutions at Burgemeister-Bell, Inc., a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® franchise.

How Water Softeners Work

In short, water softeners reduce the dissolved minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) that are found in “hard” water. The softener uses a recharging cycle to minimize the particles and the taste. Hard water often clogs drains and causes calcium build up, so many people opt for a softener. These systems can be installed by our team and are adequate for the entire house. Overall, the system is low maintenance and cost-effective.

Well Water Solutions

If your family uses water from a well, you may want to consider an acid neutralizer and filter. It makes the water less corrosive and this method is commonly used when installing a softener. There are many benefits of using this solution and we would be happy to evaluate your water system and make a professional recommendation.

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We would be happy to talk to you about your water filtration options. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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